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BeyondC19.org: The Library

BeyondC19.org is a curated collection of "red pill" samizdat resources dedicated to unraveling the COVID-19 narrative, revealing the truth about the catastrophic pandemic of COVID-19 vaccine side effects and reclaiming our freedom.

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BeyondC19.net: The Community

This new Substack community provides updates on new library content along with opportunities to join in discussions with other community members. It will also support the development of the BeyondC19.org library, and the values upon which the library is based: truth, freedom and the resilience of the human spirit.

Community Discussions: At least once a week (more frequently, if there is sufficient interest), I will open a discussion based on selected resources from within the Beyond C-19 library.

  • Paying subscribers will be able to participate in each of these discussions, and recommend additional library topics for future discussions.

  • Free subscribers will be able to read, and like the comments within, each discussion.

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With my thanks in advance for your commitment to truth, freedom and the resilience of the human spirit,

Metta Zetty

Metta Zetty

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